"Innovation came from the producer not from the customer"

- unknown source


Smart Travel

B2B and B2C Travel Booking Engine to cater the millennials of Travel businesses, Travel Agents, Travel Consultants, Travel Companies, Tours and Travel operators and Travel Resellers.

Taxi Aggregator

App Based Cab Booking and Fleet Management Solution for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Food Loyalty App (Mr Mint)

Our master suite for Food Tech players offers the loyalty platform and restaurant discovery platform for the users. Our master suite for Food Tech players offers the loyalty platform and restaurant discovery platform for the users. It is all in one rewards giving program to loyal customers by just one click.

Mobile Work Force Management (MWFM)

Tracking 7000+ mobile work force and verifying 2m+ voters for community census.

Healthcare - Patient Registration

The healthcare industry today is faced with a dilemma of reducing its running cost while improving patient care and we share this common goal.

CCIMS (Someshwar Agro)

This solution provide tracking and monitoring of data in real time, using sensors such as weight, humidity and temperature which helps to detect the processing output of paddy and its quality.

Healthcare - Social Network

Our full scale technical and development teams provide a 360° solution.


Interactive tables that ensure diner engagement and smooth functioning with functions such as menu ordering and seating management.

Real Estate

The entire application is data driven with easy access to the management and stakeholders of the businesses.

Retail - Virtual Trial

Our client saw reduced costs with respect to in-store inventory, increase in sales and creation of a unique brand relationship with every customer.

Manufacturing - Sales ERP

The biggest challenge what a manufacturers faces is the transport of the machines in various parts of the world for demo and sales.

Marker Recognization - Augmented Reality

Our solutions enable user experiences to be interactive and the ability to be digitally manipulated.

Portal for Exhibition Management

Automation of the entire system right from the user end to enable better communication between vendors and clients- all using an online platform.

Analytic Dashboard

To showcase this very mission/vision to the people of the country, NDDB sought the help of iView labs to provide a solution for communicating the information in a subtle manner to the people visiting the NDDB Exhibit area or to the people seeing information for the same.

ELearning - CJ Fallon

It is one of those technologically innovations that has catapulted and served as a catalyst for design based learning and gamification in the educational system of the present age.