"Innovation is a chance that unlock the new value"

- Jonnie Motler

Uber Like On Demand Cab Booking Solution

Automate your entire Taxi or Cab business online by using our state of art solution with simply integrating it with your existing business. Get your taxis online in 30 days and get higher visibility and forecasts for your taxi demand and supply with our On Demand Cab booking solution.

Smart Travel Solution

Our B2B and B2C Travel solution will lift every tour operators or tour agencies to the next level. With integration of mega GDS (Global Distribution Systems), we are making your travellers fly at the best cost and also we are making them experience and enjoy the best loved tours and destinations.

Loyalty and Discount Engine

Pamper your diners by offering a mouth-watering culinary or gourmet, also indulge your diners to bind them with your favourite offering by passing back the loyalty currency through our easy to go Loyalty Program Application. Ensure maximum Customer Retention and engagement by our loyalty and discount aggregator engine.

Healthcare Solution

With our customised Healthcare Solution, you can virtualise and Centralise the Medical records with our Patient Records App (PRApp). Start enabling your medical practise with electronic health records and secure your patients data with better portability with our Healthcare Solution.